About the company

Limited Liability Company "VERES" (Kiev) was registered on August 25, 1998. Предприятие "Veres" LLC is focused on the continuous process of production, sale and processing of agricultural products in order to maximize profits from financial investments. Achieving the goal is provided by the availability of modern financial and commodity schemes, necessary material and technical base, experience in the relevant activities and involvement of scientific advisers specialized in the field of agriculture.

For today, the company is hosting an area of ​​12,000 hectares located in Kirovograd and Poltava regions. Production of agricultural products is carried out by two branches of "VERES" LLC, namely:

  1. "Veres" LLC branch in Pavlysh urban-type settlement, Onufrievsky district, Kirovograd region.
  2. "Veres" LLC branch in Balahovka village, Petrovsky district, Kirovograd region.
The choice of these regions is determined by the high natural fertility of soils and the leading position in production and sale of agricultural products in Ukraine. Over the past few years these regions have good results in agricultural crop yields. They are favorably located geographically for transporting goods to Ukrainian ports or to Ukrainian border crossing points.

The main emphasis is placed on exchange commodity groups (grains, oilseeds) using schemes of effective crop rotation and products of their processing, that allows to analyze and timely plan trade transactions and financial flows. First of all, these are traditional crops for the Ukrainian market structure - barley, peas, wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower seeds and soy.

"Veres" LLC in cooperation with world seed production leaders multiplies the sowing material of the highest reproductions of the pea cultivars, which should ensure stable yields in Ukrainian farms.

The Company has necessary capacities for acceptance, storage and processing of agricultural products with a volume of 75,000 tons of grain. It is possible to ship agricultural products both by road and rail in the amount of 700 tons per shift.

In connection with the increase of prices for resources, “Veres” has switched to the application of advanced resource-saving technologies of management. Due to this, the use of material resources is significantly reduced, the processing process contributes to the soils conservation, which in turn reduces the prime cost and increases the competitiveness of the products.

In cooperation with its partners, “Veres” LLC focuses on obtaining mutual income by combining public knowledge and skills.

We will be glad to cooperate with all interested enterprises.

Yours faithfully,
General Director V.V.Zubkov

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